Faro: death of the island sheeps (MAGNUM OPUS #3)


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JULIAN COPE said about it :"These past two months, my personal choice for all night repetition, ie: the piece that helps me most easily access the Underworld, has been the Uber-haunting 22-minute track ‘Dødsdansen (Death’s Dance), Life of an Island Lad’, from the FARO album by Sorc’henn. Released on that tremendous Crucial Blast subsidiary Crucial Bliss (www.crucialblast.com), FARO is a fine fine Black Metal record and, except for the more obvious and more stylized final 26-minute ‘evil’ track ‘Enez Varv Faaro’, goes about its sinister business secretly, intoning plainsong in cloisters, invoking camp-fires, digital distortion and wolves, and dancing at the edge of total ambience, nay, ambulence! Then, two minutes from the end, some old French torch song comes in and really sealeth ye atmosphere. Su-fuckin’-perbe!"


released January 1, 2008

Holger Nilsen eo SORC'HENN.

War "Dödsdansen" e vouskomz Sassafras d'e heul.

War "Enez Varv" e kan Jason H. Craban,
James Mac Crea ha Set Sothis Nox La d'e heul.

Savet e-pad an diskaramzer hag ar goañv 2007/2008 e Anje, Portland hag Imlingtown.

Gant Hillary Miller, Portland, OR. eo ar barzhoneg "The One Then Spoke".

Trugarez d'an holl genoberien-se da vezañ asantet da ouestlañ o amzer da SORC'HENN, trugarez evit ho jentilded hag ho pasianted.
Trugarez da Ronan Le Déroff.



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SORC'HENN Angers, France

SORC'HENN is a loop.
Appearing at the end of the 90's with some free experiments, the one-man project really emerged in 2006 by the released of a pianodoom selection "Harmonium pieces and dead reveries" released by FaunaSabbatha, the section of RuralFaune label. Then followed many high voltage short runs on rad labels. Appears on the Compodium of 100 underworld musical by Julian Coppe, no less... ... more

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Track Name: 20 - Dödsdansen, Life Of An Island Lad
The One Then Spoke
As I walked alone, mumbling
A dark hope came upon,
It rolled above me quickly
All pregnant and strong
But a spider this fertile
Should make the world black!
And all would be vittled
And jaws would hang slack!
Bliss! That this army amassing
Not arachnidan, no not so harassing
Think quickly! I whispered
Where do the rocks stay bare?
Join the camellias?
You could just stay there?
And finally inside, I shivered and slumped down
I looked up new bride, lone and turned round
One could not see the difference between her and me
If one peered through the rows, one saw only tree
The drips down her arms had come from my eyes
And positioned my legs to be under her guise
It was okay right then, not bad
But it could be so. It could get very bad.
A precious knack
For the way back was black
All vittled
My jaw hung slack
I dove and I rose
A grey thing in the pool
Reflected the sky
The tool of my tools
Then after,
Said I would not feel cold
And it is true, I did not!
Just luke-warm to blushing
But then fevered and hot
Said the end would come soon
But what shall 'the end' be?
Said I would grow tall
And grow gnarled as she